Stress Impact on Urban Trees With Particular Focus on Plant Viruses – An Investigation on Trees of Streets and Trees Resistant to Climate Change in Hamburg Metropolis

The aim of this project is to determine and evaluate the current spread of plant viruses in urban and roadside trees in selected locations in the city of Hamburg and the surrounding suburban areas. Viruses have an immense impact on the health of plants. This survey is intended to include different urban tree species. Sampling locations will be selected based on traffic volume, as well as age and degree of tree damage. Urban trees from nurseries should be specifically investigated for their virus-free status in order to confirm their vitality as primary plant material.

Principal investigators
Büttner, Carmen Prof. Dr. agr. (Details) (Phytomedicine)

Participating organisational units of HU Berlin
Phytomedicine (OKZ: 211132)

alte Bundesländer/ Sonstige

Duration of project
Start date: 06/2018
End date: 12/2021

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