Geschichte der Pädagogik. Vom Beginn der Neuzeit bis zur Gegenwart

Beginning with premodern contexts of modern pedagogy the following texts/authors with be dealt with: the pedagogy of humanism; concepts of rationality and education by Bacon and Comenius; connections between natural right and education by Locke and Rousseau; the pedagogical century in Germany (Pietism, philanthropism, and state education); the pedagogy of Kant and German idealism; the pedagogical Romantic and New Humanism; the systematic examinations of education by Pestalozzi, Herbart and Schleiermacher; the development of the German school system in the 19th Century, and; German pedagogy and educational science between 1890 and 1945, as well as in the SBZ (Soviet sector of Germany), GDR and in the BDR.

Principal Investigators
Benner, Dietrich Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. (Details) (Education Studies)

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2006
End date: 12/2011

Research Areas
Geschichte der deutschen Pädagogik, Geschichte der Pädagogik

Benner, D./Brüggen, F.: Bildung - Theorie der Menschenbildung. In: Pädagogisches Handbuch der Görres-Gesellschaft. Band 1, hrsg. von U. Frost. Paderborn Schöningh (im Druck).

Dietrich Benner/Friedhelm Brüggen: Geschichte der Pädagogik. Stuttgart 2011. Reclam, 424 Seiten.

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