Cultural Industries. The British Experience in International Perspective

In Britain, the "cultural industries" have a long tradition, reaching back to early modern times, and they are today among the most successful in the world. Researchers in the field face a range of challenging questions with a view to the British example. First, are the cultural Industries in Britain are still ahead of those elsewhere in Europe? Second, in what respect do they build on these traditions? And third, can the British cultural industries' performance be generalized? These were the questions discussed in a workshop at the Centre for British Studies on 2/3 February 2006.

Principal Investigators
Eisenberg-Ditt, Christiane Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Christiane Eisenberg (Details) (British History since the Restoration)

Duration of Project
Start date: 02/2006
End date: 12/2006


Christiane Eisenberg/Rita Gerlach/Christian Handke (Hg.), Cultural Industries: The British Experience in International Perspective. Online. Humboldt University Berlin, 2006. Edoc-Server:

Print on Demand: ISBN 978-3-86004-203-8.

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