Evaluation of the Ecdysozoa versus Articulata hypothesis on the basis of complete mitochondrial genome data II

The goal of the project is the evaluation of the Ecdysozoa versus the Articulata hypotheses and thus to determine the most likely position of the Arthropoda within the Protostomia. Caused by an increasing amount of molecular data, the origin of the Arthropoda is controversely discussed. Traditionally most morphological data provide evidence for a sister group relationship between Annelida and Arthropoda, the Articulata hypothesis. On the other hand, molecular data place the arthropods as the sister taxon to Cycloneuralia ( Ecdysozoa hypothesis ). In the project total mitochondrial genome sequences of several taxa such as Tardigrada, Rotifera, Gastrotricha Nematomorpha and others will be determined and phylogenetically compared to mitochondrial genome sequences of other protostome taxa either available in the databases or still to be determined.

Principal investigators
Scholtz, Gerhard Prof. Dr. rer. nat. (Details) (Comparative Zoology)

DFG: Sachbeihilfe

Duration of project
Start date: 10/2007
End date: 04/2010

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