MetallBip - Nanobeschichtete, metallische Bipolarplatte fuer PEFC

Main emphasis is put on the verification for CVD (chemical vapor deposition) and PVD (Physical vapor deposition) processes and simulations to optimize real life apparatus.

The mathematical parameter space is approximated for the physical parameter space by menas of regression methods.

The modelling and simulation of PVD processes are performed with particle tracking methods. Such micro-models, while respecting the particle scale, could represent the delicate ionization and transport process in the near field of the PVD apparatus. Monte-Carlo methods are applied to obtain statistical results over 100.000 runs, real life experiments are recalculated. Thus, expensive physical experiments are no longer necessary.

Principal investigators
Griewank, Andreas Prof. Dr. (Details) (Non-linear Optimization)


Duration of project
Start date: 07/2007
End date: 12/2010

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