Second Extended Edition of Erik Peterson, Heis Theos, FRLANT 24, Göttingen 1926

As part of his "Ausgewählte Werke", a second, extended edition of Erik Peterson's influential work on the antique formula heis theos / one god is in preparation. This edition will include
- a survey of scholarship on heis theos since Peterson,
- a comprehensive supplement of recently published texts containing the formula from the fields of epigraphy, liturgy and literature,
- an index to Peterson's notes kept at Turin, in which he covered the progress of scholarship since the publication of his book,
- and the first imprint of fragments from some of Peterson's lectures on the topic.

Principal Investigators
Markschies, Christoph Prof. Dr. Dres. h. c. (Details) (Ecclesiastical History Specializing in Early History / Patristics)

Duration of Project
Start date: 04/2004
End date: 03/2011

Research Areas
Akklamation, Epigraphik, Heis theos, Monotheism, Monotheismus, Peterson, Erik

Christoph Markschies, Heis Theos? Religionsgeschichte und Christentum bei Erik Peterson, in: Vom Ende der Zeit. Geschichtstheologie und Eschatologie bei Erik Peterson. Symposium Mainz, mit Beiträgen von K. Berger u.a., hg. v. B. Nichtweiß, Religion - Geschichte - Gesellschaft 16, Münster 2001, S. 38-74.

Christoph Markschies, Heis Theos - Ein Gott? Der Monotheismus und das antike Christentum, in: Polytheismus und Monotheismus in den Religionen des Vorderen Orients, hg. v. M. Krebernik u. J. van Oorschot, AOAT 298, Münster 2002, S. 209-234.

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