Hochschulpartnerschaft Sudan

In cause of the military conflicts and in cause of the environmental crises in the Sudan, massive population movements to the capital Karthoum and to other great cities of this country took place. Many refugees living in camps or in villages of the peri-urban space are realizing agriculture, keeping of animals or fishing as a survival strategy. This research project is focused on the following topics:

- Why did the refugees fly?

- What are the demographic characteristics of the refugees?

- Which forms of agriculture do they realize?

- Under which economic conditions (contracts of land leasing, work accomplishments, wages) do they work?

- Technical, financial, organisational support

- the socio-economic value of urban agriculture (poverty reduction, nutrion security)

- the relationships of the refugees to their relatives in their region of origin

- when they own land in the peri-urban region of the capital: how secure are these land rights?

- the perspectives of the refugees on a return to their region of origin if the situation there is ameliorated.

Principal Investigators
Streiffeler, Friedhelm Prof. Dr. phil. (Details) (Sociology of Agriculture)

Duration of Project
Start date: 03/2004
End date: 02/2008

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