Digitisation On Demand

All European books available as e-book, this is the vision of the Digitisation-on-Demand (DoD) service network. European libraries are hosting millions of historical books from 1500 to 1900. Due to their value these cultural treasures are only available to library users which are personally present at the library. With the DoD service the hidden treasures will become available to everybody, they will be just some mouse clicks away. End-users will be able to order e-books via the internet, libraries will digitise the requested item and the e-book will be enriched and delivered to the end-user via the DoD service network. In order to complete the process the digitised books will be incorporated into digital libraries and be accessible for free on the internet. The proposers will validate a European wide Digitisation-on-Demand service network making available some millions of books to hundreds of thousands of users. The market validation activities will be carried out with more than 550.000 registered library users. In addition market validation will also be done towards potential adopters of the service. The consortium of the project comprises 14 high level libraries from eight European countries, among them six national libraries from Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Portugal and Slovenia. The business model which underpins the DoD service is that every historical book of the participating libraries shall within some days be available for customers as e-book and for a moderate fee. The costs for digitisation will therefore be paid by individual customers, whereas the infrastructure for the digitisation activities will come from the participating libraries.
The common benefit will be that the books are not only digitised and delivered as e-book to the customers but that they will also be integrated into digital libraries and therefore be available for free on the internet. Last but not least e-books offer new opportunities for researchers, students and readers as well as for visually handicapped persons.

Principal Investigators
Schirmbacher, Peter Prof. Dr. (Details) (Director / Secretary)

Duration of Project
Start date: 10/2006
End date: 06/2008

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