NW: Blankensee-Colloquium 'Public and Private in Resource Governance' (Veranstaltung: 13.01.-16.01.06, Berlin)

The Colloquium brings together scholars from Berlin-Brandenburg and beyond to jointly assess the changing notions of 'public' and 'private' structure scholarly analysis, political debate, and everyday practice on public policy, in general, and resource governance, in particular. Recent developments in resource governance, however, challenge the underlying assumption of well-bounded 'public' and 'private' sectors. The Colloquium will serve a review of these challenges as well as theoretical responses in five policy fields: agriculture and environment in Europe, food quality and food safety, rural water management, biodiversity conservation, and forestry. Its participants will come from multiple disciplins, including sociology, geography, political science, and institutional economics. The Colloquium begins with a public panel discussion on 'Agriculture and rural development in the European Union: Public subsidies for private profits?'.

Sikor, Thomas Dr. (Details) (Nachwuchsgruppen)

Land Mischfinanzierung (Schwerpunkt Land)

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Projektende: 10/2007

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