In situ fruit genetic resources

An Access data base will document all fruit genetic resources in Germany ex situ as well as in situ, including their critical evaluation and formulation of potential need for action for their protection.

Project aims:

- Promotion of sustainability in agriculture. Creation of a concept for the coordination of registration and conservation of resources ex situ and in situ present within the country's boundaries.

- Documentation of existing mapping efforts in Germany regarding in situ fruit species as Streuobst (fruit trees traditionally grown on agricultural land undersown with crops or managed grassland).

- Registration of all measures with respect to funding and activities of societies and organisations. - Exact location data. Responsibilities. Fostering, preservation measures. Exact data on species and varieties. Data on backup samples.- Clarification of data facilitation.

Principal Investigators
Zander, Matthias Dr. agr. (Details) (Plant Breeding Technology and Arboriculture)

Duration of Project
Start date: 09/2005
End date: 03/2008

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