Archives of the past

Archaeology as discipline and as cultural approach has been the focal point of a research project funded by the Volkswagen Foundation's program "Key Issues in the Humanities" 2002-2005. Archaeology helds a key position within the current debate aiming to narrow the dichotomy between science and humanities. Unlike most humanities, archaeology predominantly relies on material memories and on technical means of knowledge production - i.e. on "archives of the past" (Theodor Mommsen). Individual projects started within the first funding phase will be concluded.

Principal Investigators
Rößler, Detlef Prof. Dr. phil. (Details) (Classical Archaeology / Repercussions of Antiquity)

Duration of Project
Start date: 06/2005
End date: 07/2008

Die Aktualität des Archäologischen in Wissenschaft, Medien und Künsten, hg. von Knut Ebeling, Stefan Altekamp, Frankfurt a.M. 2004

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