Vegetative multiplication of the Nordman fir: mass multiplication of somatic embryos and cultivation of young plants (I)

In the first phase (3 years), selected clones will be multiplied in practically relevant, large-scale experiments, and seedlings will be bred from ripe embryos in large series. Further breeding and cultivation of young plants in tree nurseries will be tested and improved methodologically. All methodological steps will be tested and analysed in a scale relevant for production. To this end, horticultural companies and tree nurseries are invited to collaboration; a larger number of them may contribute independently in the project stages conversion, green house and tree nursery culture (public call for tender).

Principal Investigators
Zander, Matthias Dr. agr. (Details) (Plant Breeding Technology and Arboriculture)

Duration of Project
Start date: 04/2005
End date: 06/2008

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