The roman Province Arabia as Religious Landscape in Late Antiquity

The project at hand investigates the history of Christianity within the province Arabia as part of the history of late antique religion. Beginning with the examination of the religious geography we look into continuities, transformations and terminations of religious practice. Further themes are interreligious processes of exchange and communication, the role of Christianity within the cultural system of the province, and the provincial participation in religious structures and standardization in the boundaries of the Roman Empire.

Principal Investigators
Markschies, Christoph Prof. Dr. Dres. h. c. (Details) (Ecclesiastical History Specializing in Early History / Patristics)

Duration of Project
Start date: 04/2005
End date: 01/2008

Research Areas
Antike, antiquity, Arabia, Christentum, history of religion, Religionsgeschichte

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