GRK 1128: Analysis, Numerics, and Optimisation of Multiphase Problems

Systems with multiple phases arise in various scientific fields. Their mathematical modeling, analysis, numerical treatment, and optimization requires novel approaches to deal, for example, with nonlocal effects, discontinuities, or varying scales.
In contrast to the DFG Research Center «Mathematics for Key Technologies», which is driven by industrial applications, the proposed research training group focuses on the development and teaching of mathematical techniques and algorithms for the treatment of nonlinear partial differential equations and inequalities arising in multiple phase problems. These methods will be further developed by investigating specific applications such as morphological changes during phase transformations, spreading of thin liquid films, multiphase equilibrium of mixed fluids, or subsonic/supersonic flight transitions in aerodynamics.

Principal investigators
Griewank, Andreas Prof. Dr. (Details) (Graduate College 870 'Arithmetic and Geometry')

DFG: Graduiertenkollegs

Duration of project
Start date: 04/2005
End date: 12/2009

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