SFB 640 I: The representation of Malayness and its political realisation in Malaysia since 1900 (TP B 3)

This sub-project looks into the development of the representation of Melayu (Malayness) in Malaysia from 1900 until the present. Malaysia is a multi-ethnic state, with the majority being ethnic Malays.

This factor greatly complicated the process of building the Malaysian nation. The concept of Malayness, which developed in the British colonial period, was substantially modified during subsequent crises (1946, 1969, 1998) affecting the Malay political self-conception. The research is designed to link with the studies of Anthony Milner, Arifin Omar, Joel Kahn and Shamsul A.B., by analysing in greater detail, first of all, the British construction of Malayness; and also that of the Malay elite during the subsequent time period from 1957 to the present. The findings of this sub-project will accordingly account for the influence of British constructions of Malay identity on the one hand, and clarify the evolution of the term Melayu in the context of nation building in Malaysia on the other.

Principal Investigators
Houben, Vincentius Prof. Dr. phil. (Details) (Collaborative Research Centres)

Duration of Project
Start date: 07/2004
End date: 06/2012

Vincent Houben, Mona Schrempf (Hg): Figurations of Modernity. Global and Local Representations in Comparative Perspective. Campus, 2008.

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