Interdisciplinary Research Programm Social Anthropology and Life Sciences

Dynamic developments in the lifesciences in recent years have fostered important advances in medical insight and thus led to dramatic change in the sciences and medicine as well as culture and society - and will continue to do so.

C:SL aims to systematically investigate this change. In order to do so, we are engaged in the continuous process of establishing a research agenda at the intersect between social and medical anthropology and science and technology studies. Detailed description and analysis, critical reflection as well as the search for constructive solutions are being tackled by social, cultural and natural scientists together.

Principal investigators
Beck, Stefan Prof. Dr. (Details) (European Ethnology with Focus on Urban Anthropolgy)

Berlin/ Sonstige

Duration of project
Start date: 07/2004
End date: 12/2009

Research Areas
ethnography, Ethnologie, Lebenswissenschaft, lifescience, medical anthropology, Medizinanthropolgie, social anthropology

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