Stochastic dynamics and electromagnetic fields of confined random charges: from distribution to control

It is planned to investigate in the project the stochastic fields, stochastic potentials, stochastic moments, etc of finite systems with randomly moving classical charges. In particular, we proposed to generalize the classical problem of (electric) microfields distribution and microfield effects in plasmas to finite systems. We begin with the problem of electric and magnetic microfields in finite spherical systems of stochastically moving ions. As one example we show an electric microfield acceleration of thermonuclear fusion in ion clusters. Further possible applications are nearly spherical liquid systems at room-temperature containing electrolytes. There are biological applications: a cell is a multi-component electrolytic system or even a brain which is a still more complicated system of electrolytic currents. The electric and magnetic fields created by such model systems are very small however at present the accuracy of magnetic measurements reached very high standards. Above that, it is a way to study the supersmall field action of biological objects. Above the microfields, the finite object can be characterized by electromagnetic moments and micropotentials. Moments determine an object dynamics under an action of external Fields. Micropotential can determine ion level broadenings above the Field Stark effect. It is proposed to calculate in a basic model of stochastically moving charges: the general problem of the dynamics and fields distributions of stochastically moving charges using standard methods; electric and magnetic microfields of finite nearly spherical bodies: distributions inside and outside the bodies; distributions of electrodipole and magnetodipole moments of nearly spherical bodies; examples of biological objects like denaturated protein molecules, organells, cells, and biological tissues will be considered; distributions of electrodipole and electroquadropole moments of linear "chain-like" and spiral bodies; examples of biological objects like protein molecules will be considered; investigation of effects of charge correlations starting with linear chains, rings of ions, etc.

Principal Investigators
Schimansky-Geier, Lutz Prof. Dr. sc. nat. (Details) (Theoretical Physics / Stochastic Processes)

Duration of Project
Start date: 04/2005
End date: 03/2010

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