Strukturelle Analyse und 3D-kinematische Analyse der Sudbury-Impaktstruktur, Kanada

The 1.85 Ga Sudbury Impact Structure, located in the Canadian Shield of Ontario, was affected by orogenic deformation that led to shortening of the Structure by large-scale thrusting and folding. Knowledge of the impact-induced 3-D geometry of impactites and magmatic bodies of the Structure is paramount to infer geological processes during crater evolution. A combination of three geoscientific techniques is proposed to infer the geometry of the Impact Structure prior to orogenic deformation: (1) field-structural analysis pertaining chiefly to understand the component of folding in deformation, (2) a complete 3-D kinematic balancing of post-impact deformation and (3) analogue modelling using viscous materials to constrain ductile deformation of the Impact Structure. Field-structural analyses will include examination of petrofabrics in the contact zone of the main mass of the Sudbury Igneous Complex with Archean host rocks as well as mapping of mineral shape fabrics in Archean rocks. Kinematic modelling will be based on field-structural data from critical areas of the Impact Structure but also published geophysical and structural geological data. The study is also intended as a pilot study to the International Continental Drilling Program and is expected to contribute to help identify the most suitable location(s) for deep drilling in the Sudbury area.

Riller, Ulrich Prof. Dr. (Details) (Impaktgeologie (J) (hist.))

Projektstart: 05/2004
Projektende: 04/2005

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