International Conference of Corporate Social Responsibility

The exact meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility is not clearly defined. The planned international conference should further the dialogue concerning this subject. We invite academics, business representatives, politicians and representatives of government and non-government organisations (NGOs) to participate in answering the following questions:
1.How do different economic environments and cultures define CSR? Why and how do CSR-activities of European, in particular German, and American companies differ?
2.How should the government - through laws and public social measures - influence the corporations to take on corporate social responsibility? What is the role of the governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) concerning CSR-activities of companies? What kind of cooperation is possible?
3.How should measures to safeguard CSR be designed and embodied in a corporation's strategy? Do property structure and the size of a corporation have a significant influence on CSR activities?
4.What is the relationship between CSR and corporate performance? What are the problems when measuring corporate social performance? What determines consumers'attitudes and purchasing behaviour?
5.What is the relationship between the so-called Corporate Governance and CSR? Is the debate about shareholder versus stakeholder value still relevant?
6.How and through which channels should a company communicate its CSR-activities? What is the role of the top management concerning CSR activities and communication? What are the contents and usefulness of codes of conduct and environmental and sustainability reports?

Principal investigators
Schwalbach, Joachim Prof. Dr. (Details) (Management Studies)

Mischfinanzierung - Privat

Duration of project
Start date: 04/2004
End date: 12/2005

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