1. Conference of GANPH (German Society for Ancient Philosophy): "Education And Science In Ancient Philosophy"

The conference seeks to clear and discuss the possibilities of human knowledge and science. Concept, structure and transmission of knowledge and science are central subjects in philosophical theorie since Antiquity. The interdisciplinary conference deals with these questions in seven sections. Leading scholars, representing the international research in philosophy and classical philology, give talks on the following subjects: 1. Education and training, 2. Practical rationality, 3. Sense-perception and experience, 4. Philosophy and sciences, 5. Lore and Wisdom, 6. Ancient conceptions of science in modern philosophy, and 7. Literary forms of the transmission of knowledge.

Principal investigators
Rapp, Christof Prof. Dr. (Details) (Philosophy in Antiquity and in Modernity)

DFG: Sonstiges

Duration of project
Start date: 10/2004
End date: 10/2004

Christof Rapp / Tim Wagner (eds.): Wissen und Bildung in der antiken Philosophie, Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler, 2006 (fortcoming June)

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