GRK 1025: Fundamentals and functionality of size and interface controlled materials: spin- and optoelectronics

Today it is a well known fact that the reduction of dimensionality of solid materials imposes extraordinary new features. Discovery and understanding of the properties of nanostructures, quantum dots, nanowires and other low-dimensional interfaces have lead to numerous technological applications. Prominent examples are applications in information processing and information-storage technologies, new light sources, lasers etc. In order to satisfy the increasing need for faster, more efficient, and cheaper devices research efforts on novel materials and nanostructures have to be intensified.

Today information processing exploits mainly the charge of the electron in semiconductors. However, novel approaches in information storage aim at using the spin of the electron in magnetic materials. Spintronics has emerged as a new field of semiconductor electronics which uses both the charge and spin for unique functionalities. In the ultimate limit devices would operate with single electrons or spins, respectively. Approaching this limit of manipulating single atomic-like states in low dimensional systems has also been the topic of intense study in optics or optoelectronics. Here, the great technological potential, e.g. the realization of tiny lasers for telecommunications and medicine is exploited.

The planned research training group brings together exports to investigate fundamentals and to develop novel applications of both fields, spin- and optoelectronics with the focus on size and interface control. It offers an interdisciplinary education in materials science based on individual fellowships for PhD students. The students are actively engaged in research at the forefront of material science, in collaboration with faculty members who are acknowledged leaders in their respective fields. Learning takes place within an interdisciplinary curriculum consisting of courses and seminars on basic scientific knowledge and topics of currrent materials research. A program on business mangement for scientists is also a characteristic part of the curriculum. In addition, international scientific workshops on selected topics of materials research will be organized.
Close interaction of university, research institutes and high-tech companies located at the "City of Science, Technology and Media" in Berlin-Adlershof will create a strong stimulation for the students to accomplish the program in a short time period because of better professional prospects.

Principal Investigators
Bonacic-Koutecky, Vlasta Prof. i. R. Dr. rer. nat. (Details) (Graduate College 1025 'Fundamentals and Functionality of the Size and Interface Controlled Materials: Spin- and Optoelectronics')

Duration of Project
Start date: 04/2004
End date: 09/2009

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