The Analysis of Market Basket Models under Consideration of Marketing Mix Effects I

In marketing research, brand choice decisions on the disaggregated level are frequently modelled with a multinomial logit model. The analysis of brand choice decisions within single product categories is increasingly complemented by the simultaneous estimation of decisions in multiple categories. The results of the joint analysis of purchase decisions can be used for product range optimisation or goal-oriented direct marketing activities. Methodically, the explicit consideration of cross-category dependencies in the purchase decisions is focused on. Ignoring these category relations will lead to biased parameter estimates. Consideration of dependence structures requires the application of extended model approaches. Therefore, either techniques revealing correlations between categories, or methods considering explicit dependencies between categories in the model formulation are used. The explorative approaches based on data mining are adequate for data aggregation. The explanative approaches particularly concentrate on the identification and quantification of cross-category influences on the choice decision.
Several model approaches for estimation have been examined in this project previously. After a detailed examination of market basket model approaches, joint purchase analyses were conducted for modelling linked category purchase decisions based on a multivariate logit model and its extensions. Additionally, explorative and explanative model approaches were combined in a two-stage process. The nested logit approach has been chosen as a supplementary explanative model specification for modelling purchase and quantity decisions. Different specifications of the nested logit model have been carried out and their particularities in model estimation have been indicated.
In the further course of this project three objectives are in focus. First, the combination of explorative and explanative methods shall be further considered and their application in the field of market basket analysis is to be extended. In doing so, alternative price concepts in existing multivariate logit approaches are to be considered particularly.
Secondly, a combination of spatial statistics approaches with modelling joint purchases is to be implemented. The necessity for considering concepts from spatial statistics results from the dependence structures between the categories. It will be examined to what extent such a transfer is possible and how it can be realized.
Thirdly, the nested logit model shall be expanded by the influence of latent variables. This is necessary because purchase decisions are influenced by non-observable factors as well.

Principal Investigators
Boztug, Yasemin Dr.rer.pol. (Details) (Marketing)

Duration of Project
Start date: 08/2004
End date: 07/2006


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