Britain as a Model of Modern Society? German Views

In the last three decades, the scholarly debate about the perception of Britain has been strongly influenced by the controversies over the 'Whig Interpretation of History' (in Britain) and the paradigm of the Sonderweg (in Germany). Taking this discussion as a starting point, the conference contributions are intended to transcend the discussion about those paradigms and open up new research vistas. Firstly, the event aims at stocktaking. Over the last century, Britain has been continuously watched by Germans. The conference must therefore draw together scattered observations on particular fields of Britain's development over the course of the last two centuries. Scholars are asked to analyse general trends as well as the blind spots of British-German relations. Secondly, the conference aims at paving the way to new research on the perceptions and representations of the two states in history. As regards methodological and theoretical issues, the presentations will contribute to the emerging historiography on relations and cross-currents between Germany and Britain, though from a German perspective. Transfers from Britain to Germany have included processes of appropriation on the one hand and instances of firm rejection on the other. On the whole, the talks will tackle particular problems which have not been closely analysed neither by contemporaries nor by historians.

Principal Investigators
Eisenberg-Ditt, Christiane Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Christiane Eisenberg (Details) (British History since the Restoration)

Duration of Project
Start date: 07/2004
End date: 07/2004

Research Areas
Britain as a Model (II)

Arnd Bauerkämper/Christiane Eisenberg (Hg.), Britain as a Model of Modern Society? German Views, Augsburg: Wißner-Verlag, 2006.

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