Crossing of two extreme different breeds of chicken

The aim of the experiment is the crossbreeding of very different breeds of chicken (Leghorn and Silky) to create a basis of data for estimating crossbreeding parameters. The following types of crosses are realized: F1- and F2-generation as well as the different backcrosses. For all crossing types also the reciprocal form are produced. The crosses are made over a time of three years. The experiment is going on by breeding a synthetic line. The traits, which are measured, are number of eggs, egg weight, egg mass and body weight at 20th week and at 40th week of life. All traits measured for housed hens and for the survivors.

Principal Investigators
Seeland, Gerhard Prof. Dr. agr. (Details) (Breeding Methods and Principled Breeding)

Duration of Project
Start date: 08/2000
End date: 12/2005

Research Areas
Heterosis, Legeleistung, Leghorn, Number of eggs, Silky

SEELAND,G. u. I.KOERNICKE (2002); Estimation of crossbreeding parameters by crossing two extreme different breeds of chicken. 11th European Poultry Conference,06-10 Sept.,Bremen.

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