The syntax of early Thai (Sukhothai)

A corpus-based grammatical description of early epigraphic Thai texts from Sukhothai.

Principal investigators
Bauer, Christian Prof. M.A., DEA, PhD (Details) (Southeast Asian Studies)

Duration of project
Start date: 11/1993
End date: 12/2008

Research Areas
Epigraphik, epigraphy, Sukhothai, Thai, Thailand

The Wat Sri Chum Jâtaka glosses reconsidered, JSS 80.1, 1992, 105-125; Sukhothai inscription II, BSOAS 56.3, 1993, 525-565; Epithets and subordinates: A postscript to Sukhothai epigraphy, JRAS, 3.1, 1993, 77-84; Classifiers in early Thai, ICSTLL 27, Paris, 1994.

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