Influence of mechanical stimulation on the milking behaviour of goats

This hypothesis states that by the use of stimulation one can get an animal friendly and gentle milking technique in less working hours. In order to achieve this goal we have to check the goats milking behaviour under stimulation during the milking process. First we analyze the milking behaviour of goats, that give a lot of milk (WDE) and check the sensitvity of the goats before stimulation. Afterwards follow checks on the influence of technical varieties of stimulation on the milking behaviour, the dynamics of milk flow and the milk performance parameter.

Finally there will be a test of a process solution of an adequate stimulation and a automatic cluster removal.

The hypothesis concentrates on following checks:

a) testing the goats´ sensitivity by hand-stimulation

b) Influence of technical stimulation varieties on the milk flow parameters

c) Finding a process solution

This series of experiments take place during the duration of lactation (february to june). During this time there will be, in a two-weekly exchange of different technical stimulation, for each goat take a measurement on three consecutive days. At that time will be determin the milkflowrate and the milking time. From time to time will be visualize the milk-flow-dynamic by the means of thermographic camera. I also will determine the milk yield parameter and make bacterialogical test.

Principal investigators
Kaufmann, Otto Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. (Details) (Livestock Industries and Techniques in Animal Handling)

Duration of project
Start date: 03/2001
End date: 12/2004

Research Areas
goat, Melkbarkeit, Milchfluss, milkability, milk flow, Stimulation, Thermografie, thermography, Ziege

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