Chicxulub impact structure: shock metamorphism, post shock deformation and hydrothermal alterations I

This proposal is a continuation of our former application Ke732/8-1, both with respect to the proposed goals and the work schedule. As being a part of the ICDP "Chicxulub Scientific Drilling Project" we intend to study the 1510 m deep Yaxcopoil 1 (Yax-1) drillcore located within the Chicxulub impact crater, with regard to (1) shock metamorphism, (2) post-shock deformations and (3) impact-induced geochemical and mineralogical alterations. A special emphasis is drawn on the analysis of the thermal field of the impactites and the megablock. Beyond the aims of the first application, a characterization of the organic material of the so-called megablock is required in order to address whether it may have played a part in the lubrication of impact-induced shear zones.

Principal Investigators
Kenkmann, Thomas-Bernd Dr. (Details) (Mineralogy and Petrography)

Duration of Project
Start date: 03/2003
End date: 02/2004

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