Instability of agricultural trade in Sudan

There are different reasons for the instability of agricultural trade in Sudan. The agricultural production itself is affected by the instability of weather conditions in Sudan. On the other side, unstable world market prices influence the production decisions and terms of trade of the country. Furthermore, instability of agricultural trade in Sudan is caused by the national and international policy framework. A multi-market model is formulated and different simulations are carried out in order to analyse the consequences of these framework conditions on policy objectives. A key aspect of the project is the stochastic formulation of a multi-market model.

Principal investigators
Kirschke, Dieter Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. (Details) (Agricultural Politics)

Duration of project
Start date: 10/2000
End date: 12/2005

Research Areas
Agrarentwicklung, Agrarhandel, Agrarpolitik, Ernährungssicherung, Gleichgewichtsmodelle, Preispolitik, stochastische Simulation, Sudan, Unsicherheit, Uruguay-Runde, Wohlfahrtsökonomik, WTO

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