Photoswitchable Rotaxanes Possessing the Acridan-Subunit (I)

The aim of the project is the synthesis of pseudorotaxanes and rotaxanes containing the acridane subunit. For this purpose both molecilar threads and cyclophanes are synthesized possessing acridinium units. By studying the photochemistry of the acridan subunit photoswitschable rotaxanes may be created.

Principal Investigators
Abraham, Hans-Werner Prof. i. R. Dr. rer. nat. (Details) (Organic Synthesis of Functional Systems)

Duration of Project
Start date: 03/2002
End date: 03/2005

Research Areas
acridan, acridinium salt, Acridinium Salz, Photochemie, photochemistry, photoswitch, Rotaxan, rotaxane, supramolecular chemistry, Supramolekulare Chemie

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