Testing allopractic and ecological speciation in a morphologically and genetically diverse species flock of viviparous freshwater gastropods (Mollusca: Cerithioidea: Pachychilidae) in the ancient lakes of Sulawesi, Indonesia

This project aims to test models of speciation, especially
ecological speciation, by using freshwater snails in the
ancient lakes on Sulawesi, Indonesia, as model organisms.
Methods employed include the collection of quantitative
ecological data, morphological and morphometric analyses,
population genotyping (AFLP) and mapping of extrinsic
barriers in the Malili lake system (South Sulawesi) .
Models of speciation thus gained shall be compared to those
emerging for other lake taxa, mainly fishes and crabs,
studied by cooperating research teams.

Glaubrecht, Matthias Dr. (Details) (Invertebratenzoologie (hist.))

Projektstart: 04/2002
Projektende: 03/2004

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