Umfassende Datenintegration zur Verbesserung onkologischer Therapien

The central aim of the PREDICT project is to develop a software system that enables clinicians to use the large body of data on the relationships between genetic/epigenetic alterations and treatment options/success in cancer, to support (a) the rapid development of new, targeted studies whose design essentially is based on genomic features, and to (b) enable a maximally informed and structured clinical decision process. A knowledge base will be created using advanced and innovative algorithms for knowledge extraction, semantic data integration, and biomedical text mining, and made available to the clinical oncologist through a cancer-genomic clinical workbench based. Moreover, the knowledge base will be an essential tool to initiate and support highly targeted umbrella and basket trials in which experimental drugs are administered to a typically small group of patients chosen based on their mutation status. Finally, the knowledge base will be used to develop novel algorithms to assess the effect of drugs on a patient’s tumour depending on its mutation profile.

Leser, Ulf Prof. Dr.-Ing. (Details) (Wissensmanagement in der Bioinformatik)

Beteiligte Organisationseinheiten der HU


Projektstart: 03/2016
Projektende: 12/2021

Bioinformatik, Onkologie, Systemmedizin, Wissensmanagement

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