Russian Jewish Immigrants in Berlin - a Longitudinal Study

Subject of this project is the acculturation process of Russian-Jewish immigrants during a time span of eight years. In 1995/96 46 Russian Jews (pupils and students) were interviewed. At the time of the first interview they had been in Berlin for five to six years. In 1998/99 37 persons and in 2002/2003 35 persons agreed to be interviewed again. First results show that out of four possible acculturation strategies (separation, integration, assimilation, marginalization) the majority of respondents shifted from separation to integration. This shift is apparently due to the successful inclusion of most immigrants into the labor force.

Principal Investigators
Schütze, Yvonne Prof. Dr. phil. (Details) (Social science and Education)

Duration of Project
Start date: 03/1996
End date: 05/1998

Research Areas
Acculturation process, Acculturation strategies, Akkultuationsstrategien, Akkulturationsprozess, Migration, Russian Jews, Russische Juden

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