Forced Evictions and the Crisis of Social Support and Shelter. Investigation into the scope, structure, causes and effects of evictions in Berlin.

Against the backdrop of rising rents and protests against displacement in the capital, public interest in the phenomenon of evictions has increased in recent months. As part of the study forced evictions in Berlin, basic data will be collected and the following questions answered: Who will be evacuated? Where is the evacuation? What types of owners and housing companies are suing for eviction? What are typical reasons and occasions that lead to an eviction action? Where do the forced evicted go? How has the structure of eviction actions changed in recent years? Why are the usual social support offers failing to prevent evictions?

Principal Investigators
Holm, Andrej Dr. phil. (Details) (Urban and Regional Sociology)

Duration of Project
Start date: 03/2014
End date: 10/2014

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