Room to Move

The first group exhibition to have been curated by students from the Department of Art and Visual History at the Humboldt University of Berlin will open on January 15th, 2013 in the atrium of the new institute building located at Georgenstraße 47.
ROOM TO MOVE is an exhibition concerned with space and movement. It has assembled current works of art that by thematizing movement or the inhibition of movement, evoke various conceptions of space including virtual, ideal, suggestive, concrete or choreographed and even through sound-produced spaces.
The correlation between space and movement has repeatedly been the object of definitions of space by philosophers and art theorists since the 1960s. According to the sociologist and philosopher Michel de Certeau, “space is a place with which a person does something. In this way, the street which Ur-banism arranges geometrically is transformed by pedestrians into a space.” “Space and spatiality”, the cultural scholar Hartmut Böhme stated, “must be experienced in order to be thought at all.” Therefore, only the movement of our body carried out in space can make the historical, cultural, individual and geometrical conceptions of space accessible.
These notions are the starting point for ROOM TO MOVE, which allows for the breakdown of patterns of movement that are both habitual and predetermined by architecture. The exhibition is being held in the atrium of the “Pergamon Palace”, where the Department of Art and Visual History moved last year, and whose architecture has since been often criticized by those who use it. The previous exhibition held in the space, EXPANDING THE GRID curated by Fransiska Solte, already used the building’s perception of the building’s basic structure as standardized and sterile as a starting point for encourag-ing a reflection on the relationship between grid and the body.
ROOM TO MOVE transforms the aforementioned gridded exhibition space into a space of experience where visitors will not only be able to view works of art, but also to physically encounter, imagine and participate in them in various ways. Numerous works shown have been created specifically for this exhibition and an exhibition catalogue is also available.

Principal Investigators
Klonk, Charlotte Prof. Dr. (Details) (Art and New Media / Photography)

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2013
End date: 05/2013


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