Online simulation and optimization for an efficient control of pumps in drinking water distribution systems

The project aims a prototypical development of an online simulation and optimization tool for determining energy efficient optimized operating modes of drinking water distribution systems. It focuses on a reservoir management, which is adapted to the real ongoing water demand and the ongoing energy supply, by an optimized use of pumps and turbines. The hierarchical mathematical optimization task shall be solved by a hybrid ansatz including an accelerated deterministic simulation of the net hydraulics and a meta modeling in connection with stochastic optimization methods. The model calculations are based on predictions of the future water demand and energy costs which will be improved by ANN successively. In close cooperation with the project partners, a new hybrid ansatz for the optimization of the pump operating times shall be developed under consideration of flexible electricity tariff and implented as well as tested in form of a prototype. Model specifications shall be developed with regard to varying parameters and network elements. The resulting model equation systems will be analysed and implemented for the efficient use of new parameter difference methods for an accelerated deterministic simulation such that an online optimization by meta modellig and neuronal networks is possible.

Principal investigators
Tischendorf, Caren Prof. Dr. (Details) (Applied Mathematics)


Duration of project
Start date: 07/2012
End date: 06/2014

Research Areas

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