Conference "Kant and Modality" (Event: 05.-07.07.2012, Berlin)

The conference ‘Kant and Modality’ brings together scholars working on the important yet neglected topic of Kant’s conception of modality and its relevance to his philosophy. The three-day event will discuss the relationship between Kant’s various modal terms and in particular his distinction between logical and real modality as well as its relevance to his critical metaphysics and epistemology, his modal understanding of existence and actuality, his theory of the relationship between objectivity and modality as well as the metaphysical status of modal notions, and finally his views about justifying judgments on possibility.

Principal Investigators
Rosefeldt, Tobias Prof. Dr. (Details) (Classical German Philosophy)

Duration of Project
Start date: 07/2012
End date: 07/2012

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