Multimedia inventory for preparing lessons in sign language

In the department Sign Language Pedagogy and Audiopedagogy, multimedia-based technology is used to teach German Sign Language (DGS) to former teachers for deaf and hard of hearing children. The aim of the project is to install a multimedia-based collection of educational film clips in DGS. On the one hand, film clips will be provided, which match the topics taught in the different modules. On the other hand, students can create clips on their own and work with them. Signers shall be deaf children and youths as well as adult signers. The material will be stored in a central memory area to establish new ways of teaching and learning and to make sure, that both lecturers/instructors and students are going to have access to the material whenever they need to.

Principal Investigators
Becker, Claudia Prof. Dr. (Details) (Sign Language Pedagogy and Audio Pedagogy)

Duration of Project
Start date: 07/2011
End date: 06/2012

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