Risk Habitat Megacity - sub-project: Megacity Governance

Research initiative of the German Helmholtz Association; coordination: Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Leipzig

Principal Investigators
Nuissl, Henning Prof. Dr. (Details) (Applied Geography / Urban and Regional Planning)

Duration of Project
Start date: 06/2007
End date: 03/2011

Nuissl, Henning; Heinrichs, Dirk (2011): Fresh wind or hot air? What spatial planning can gain from the governance discourse. Journal of Planning Education and Research 31 (1), 47-59 - Kopfmüller, Jürgen; Lehn, Helmut; Nuissl, Henning; Heinrichs, Dirk; Krellenberg, Kerstin (2009): Sustainable Development of Megacities: An Integrative Research Approach for the Case of Santiago Metropolitan Region. In: Die Erde 140 (4), 417-448. (ISBN 978-3-87670-909-3; ISSN 0013-9998) (ISI)
Heinrichs, Dirk; Nuissl, Henning; Rodriguez-Seeger, Claudia (2009): Dispersión urbana y nuevos desafíos para la gobernanza (metropolitana) en América Latina: el caso de Santiago de Chile [Urban Sprawl and new Challenges for (metropolitan) governance in Latin America – the case of Santiago de Chile]. In: Revista EURE 35 (104 – Gobernanza urbana y regional: Problemas y Desafíos), 29-46 -

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