The Roman triumph in the imperial times and Late Antiquity

While several groundbreaking studies on the triumph in the Roman Republic have been published in the last decade, the triumphs of the imperial and late Roman period received little attention. This is surprising, because a large part of our evidence on the ritual comes from the Principate and Late Antiquity. Although there are a number of specialized studies on the many triumphs and other victory rituals of this period of Roman history, a global approach to the subject is still lacking. Against this background, the project examines the development of the triumph from the the Augustan Age to Late Antiquity and tries. Given the diverse sources and the extended period, which is being studied, a colloboration with scholars working on the subject is advisable. An international conference is therefore planned for in October 2012 in Berlin. Preliminary work comprises the compilation of a comprehensive, thematic bibliography and the development of a catalog of all triumphs until the end of antiquity. Both the contributions of the conference and the final catalog will be published to provide a reliable basis for further research.

Principal Investigators
Winterling, Aloys Prof. Dr. (Details) (Ancient History II)

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2011
End date: 12/2013

Research Areas
Triumph, Adventus, Siegesfeier, Zeremoniell, Kaisertum, antike Monarchie, triumph, imperial and late antique, monarchy

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