Microbial-faunal interactions shaping soil processes

Soil ecologists have to face an extremely complex ecosystem but – on the other hand – have sufficient knowledge and methodological advances at disposal for testing and formulating unifying principles across disciplines. Special attention should be drawn to: i) methods that connect ecosystem compartments, ii) model organisms and advanced model systems, iii) hypotheses linked to general ecological theory. One of the biggest gaps in knowledge is localized in the processes which operate in the microbial-faunal interface. The aim of the proposed workshop therefore is to bring together a broad expertise in soil microbiology, zoology and ecology to address the following topics:
- soil ecology is short of modelling approaches and has developed too independently from general ecology,
- advanced methodological approaches are increasingly been used in soil ecology, inter-linkage of techniques will lead to a bigger picture,
- chemical ecology is a well established topic above-ground, comparable interactions are important feature in soil systems,
- connecting microbial and faunal food web compartment has to integrate both functional groups and quantification of carbon and nutrient flux.

Principal Investigators
Rueß, Liliane Prof. Dr. (Details) (Ecology)

Duration of Project
Start date: 09/2011
End date: 11/2011

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