Littering - field study 2 in Hamburg

Aim of the second field study is the evaluation of a measure that is more oriented on the sustainable awareness of people for cleanliness. Selected was the project of "coordinators" in Hamburg. Those “coordinators” are employees of the sanitation department in Hamburg who, on the one hand, take additional cleaning activities on and on the other hand act as contact person for residents, pedestrians and business owners. In their role as disseminators they convey values and norms and thus promote active social control in urban areas where they are installed. To test the effects three study areas were selected: Experimental Area 1 (new coordinator to be employed), Experimental Area 2 (coordinator for 2 years working in the field) and a control area without a coordinator. A baseline survey is followed by testing the effectiveness of the measure (collection of objective and subjective state of cleanliness) in the experimental areas.

Principal investigators
van der Meer, Elke Prof. Dr. sc. nat. (Details) (Cognitive Psychology)

Sonstige privatorganisierte öffentliche Mittelgeber

Duration of project
Start date: 04/2011
End date: 10/2011

van der Meer, E., Beyer, R. & Gerlach, R. (2010). Littering – Merkmale, Ursachen, Prävention. VKS Information 76, 7-38.

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