New Strategies to ensure food production - certification of virus-free plant material

Viral diseases are widespread and of significant importance for the quality and quantity of yields. In Colombia any expertise lacks in regard to plant virus disease. Across the country there are three plant virologists. Plant-pathogenic viruses can lead to serious economic losses in agriculture and horticulture. This will result in significant losses displayed in quality as well as yields. Moreover, the vitality and plant vigor in regard to abiotic and biotic factors may be reduced. As phytopathogenic viruses cannot be combated as fungis by curative means, prophylactic measures are of particular importance. Such measures include the selection and use of virus-free propagation material for the establishment of the stocks. This is essential to ensure the long-term quality and quantity of high-quality agricultural products for the local and particular the international market. In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and farmers' associations an appropriate certification program should be established for economically important horticultural crops.
Main topics: - the exchange of graduated students to collaborate within the project
- the training of Colombian students in Plant Virology
- the establishment of a certification program with the corresponding ministry and if indicated further administration/organizations
- the development of parameters for the evaluation of horticultural crops
- the creation of an experimental design
- basic training in plant virology.

Principal investigators
Büttner, Carmen Prof. Dr. agr. (Details) (Phytomedicine)

DFG: Sachbeihilfe

Duration of project
Start date: 05/2011
End date: 04/2013

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