A Grammar of Old Mon (6th - 14th c.)

On the basis of a newly compiled corpus of Old Mon (OM) inscriptions from Thailand and Burma, incorporating hitherto unknown texts, I propose a new approach to the study of OM.

Not only are regions in which Mon epigraphs have been recovered geographically discontiguous, in some of these locales, such as Pagan (12th-13th c.) and Lamphun-Chiangmai (12th-13th c.), different contemporaneous dialects can be identified, thus rendering obsolete notions like "classical Old Mon" obsolete.

Document types and internal document structure along with other pragmatic factors are also being considered.

The grammar - the first description ever - will be complemented by a complete inventory of all known OM texts.

Principal investigators
Bauer, Christian Prof. M.A., DEA, PhD (Details) (Southeast Asian Studies)

Duration of project
Start date: 01/2004
End date: 12/2012

Conference presentations: SEALS 20, 2010, Zurich; 9th Burma Studies, 2010, Marseille; EurASEAA 13, 2010, Berlin

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