Using Marketing Strategies as a Tool to Optimize Conservation Communication at Zoological Gardens

The project investigates the impact of conservation messages in zoos by applying models and methods frequently used in marketing research to identify important elements of message design. The interdisciplinary study explores the attention level, the utilization behaviour, recall capabilities and sustainable behaviour patterns of zoo visitors when confronted with varied conservation messages. The key questions are: Do zoo visitors exhibit characteristics which would allow comparing them to low-involvement consumers and if so, can the content and design of conservation messages be optimally adjusted to this sort of target audience by taking into consideration recommendations and results obtained by previous marketing research?

Principal investigators
Upmeier zu Belzen, Annette Prof. Dr. (Details) (Didactics and Training/Learning research Biology)

Duration of project
Start date: 10/2008
End date: 09/2012

Kögler, Julia; Upmeier Belzen, Annette zu (2010): Einsatz von Eye-Tracking zur Bewertung von Bildungsmaßnahmen für nachhaltige Entwicklung in Zoologischen Gärten. In: Nitz, S.; Schreiber, M.; Münchhoff, K. (Hg): 12. Frühjahrsschule der Fachsektion Biologiedidaktik (FDdB) im VBIO. Kiel: IPN, S. 104-105.

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