Salutationes. The Roman morning greetings in the Republic and under the early empire

The PhD Project is concerned with the daily Roman morning greetings (salutationes). The study presents a systematic approach to the details of their organisation and contextual aspects as well as a historical narrative of the development from the republican to the early imperial period. It is the first monograph on the topic since 1740.

Principal Investigators
Winterling, Aloys Prof. Dr. (Details) (Ancient History II)

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2005
End date: 12/2009

F. Goldbeck, Salutationes. Die römischen Morgenbegrüßungen in der Republik und der frühen Kaiserzeit, Berlin 2010; ders. Usurping Ritual Interaction. C. Gracchus and the salutatio in Republican Rome in: G. Schwedler, E. Tounta (eds.), Usurping Rituals (to be published in a series called "Ritual dynamics", general editors: A. Michaels et al.), Wiesbaden 2009 (eingereicht, erscheint 2010)

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