A History of Roman Emperors (Augustus to Commodus)

Traditional approaches to a "History of the Roman Emperors" have tended to personalize the practices of the principes and to integrate the narrative evidence in rather unsystematic way. In contrast, the methodological approach of the project analyzes first the political, social and communicative structures underlying the measures of the emperors in order to take into account the paradoxical conditions of de facto monarchs inside a community still deeply influenced by the aristocratic norms of the republican era. It will be shown that there are different and individual strategies of action of the emperors during their principate which are much more consistent than is usually assumed.

Principal Investigators
Winterling, Aloys Prof. Dr. (Details) (Ancient History II)

Duration of Project
Start date: 10/2006
End date: 10/2011

Aloys Winterling, Cäsarenwahnsinn im Alten Rom, in: Jahrbuch des Historischen Kollegs 2007, München 2008, 115 139; ders., Politics and Society in Imperial Rome, Oxford et al. 2009

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