Working Shade-Formed Light

This is a project in the border area between art, physics and natural philosophy, which is to shine brightly on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Goethe's theory of colours in September 2009. The background of the project: In the atrium of the main building of our university, two physicists (Prof. Dr. Johannes Grebe-Ellis and his doctoral student, the graduate physicist Matthais Rang) will project gigantic colour spectra and investigate them by means of some experiments; the audience in the atrium will be able to carry out these experiments themselves.

In order to illuminate this high-tech event from an artistic perspective, the Viennese painter and colour experimenter Ingo Nussbaumer would like to install a serial colour project in which similar spectra will be demonstrated, but with artistic (instead of: technological) means and intentions. In addition, this installation is the first time that six completely new spectra discovered by Ingo Nussbaumer will be made visible to a larger audience; this is a small colour sensation.

Principal investigators
Müller, Olaf Prof. Dr. (Details) (Theory of Natural Sciences)

Sonstige Stiftungen

Duration of project
Start date: 04/2010
End date: 11/2010

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