Advisor Programme
National University of Laos Humboldt University Berlin

The proposed project aims at improving capabilities and processes at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, National University of Laos. The faculties especially need the improvement of teaching capabilities, the enhancement of research and the development of curricula on all levels. Faculty members have not taught in a seminar-style and have never been exposed to interactive teaching methods. Furthermore, most of them only hold a BA degree and are therefore not acquainted with research and publication processes. Finally, after the formation of the National University of Laos in 1995, BA programmes in the field of the social sciences have been conceived tentatively and have only recently been reviewed with reference to the challenges of a quickly globalizing society. The applicant has worked with the Faculty on all three needs since 2003 in the framework of a partnership between the National University of Laos and the University of Freiburg, where the applicant has taught until September 2009. There have been improvements in all fields but teaching has been restricted to the BA level and to a lecture style, research has been modest and curricula need to be revised. The university has asked the faculties to make substantial improvements concerning all three needs as soon as possible in order to offer education on the MA-level, to meet the needs of a changing labour market, and to produce research of internationally acceptable quality.
Against this background the project pursues four goals:
Development of MA curricula and improvement of BA curricula
Training in teaching
Training in research
Development of an administrative structure
These four goals translate into measurable outputs. First, seven BA curricula and two MA curricula will be defined at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Second, four training sessions for teachers will be conducted and two modules will be taught by the advisor on the MA level. Third, university teachers will produce two publications containing the results of their research training. Fourth, an organisational diagram for the management of teaching and research will be developed.

Principal Investigators
Rehbein, Boike Prof. Dr. (Details) (Transformation Societies in Asia/Africa)

Duration of Project
Start date: 02/2010
End date: 02/2012

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