GRK 1014: Gender as a Category of Knowledge

Gender studies is an interdisciplinary field of research that for several decades has made an extraordinary contribution to the analysis of discipline-specific conceptions of gender. The proposed Graduiertenkolleg seeks to take up this interdisciplinary approach in order to explore characteristic formations of gender as a category of knowledge within each discipline, as well as to examine comparatively the differences and commonalities among the disciplines and their respective usage of this category of knowledge. The Graduiertenkolleg will take as a starting point the increasingly discernible areas of overlap between the theory/history of science on the one hand and gender studies on the other. Firstly, gender as a category of knowledge aims at bringing the critical potential of gender studies to bear upon each separate discipline s approach to their epistemological basis of knowledge. Secondly, the transdisciplinary agenda of the Kolleg intends to provide a solid methodological foundation for gender studies.

The main focus of the Graduiertenkolleg is on the implicit and explicit role gender plays within the structuring of scientific knowledge. The GK will consist of those disciplines that on the one hand encompass gender studies and on the other hand demonstrate skills specific to the field of history/sociology of science. These disciplines are, cultural studies (including German, English/American Studies, Scandinavian Studies, Art History), History (incl. history of science), History of Medicine, History of Religion, Social Sciences, Pedagogy, and Law. In this sense, Humboldt University takes up once again a tradition of gender studies in which the city of Berlin with its pioneers of sexology, the work of Georg Simmel and the opening of the first psychoanalytic institute played a ground-breaking role a century ago.

The large field of gender studies will be pragmatically limited to two areas that seem most appropriate to the integration of the respective disciplines as well as assemble and focus these interests around a thematic field. The first area focuses on the mechanisms of integration, inclusion and exclusion, as well as inscription of gendered categories into the production of knowledge, scientific terminology and the order of knowledge of the respective disciplines. The Graduiertenkolleg will accomplish this so by using the theoretical perspectives and methods of gender studies. The second area will examine in what way the materiality and corporeality of each discipline's objects of knowledge are coded in gendered terms. This question is of particular relevance for all disciplines involved in the Graduiertenkolleg.

Principal Investigators
Braun, Christina von Prof. i.R. Dr. habil. (Details) (Research Training Groups)

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2005
End date: 06/2009

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