Bi-directional perspectives in the cognitive sciences (Veranstaltung: 26.02. - 28.02.2009, Marburg)

The objective of this conference is to bring together both established researchers and junior scholars who are engaged in any of the many subfields of cognitive research. Rather than focusing on one or two of the many disciplines characterized by the cognitive turn, we are interested in truly transdisciplinary approaches, particularly in the fields of cognitive linguistics and cognitive poetics. More precisely, the conference should investigate the bi-directionality, that is, the mutual heuristic applicability of diverse (and possibly complementary) research topics and methodologies in the mentioned fields, particularly the nexus of cognitive linguistics and language pedagogy as well as cognitive linguistics and literary scholarship.

Keller, Wolfram R. Prof. Dr. (Details) (Engl. Lit. u. Kultur d. Frühen Neuzeit u. ihrer Vorgeschichte(J))

Projektstart: 02/2009
Projektende: 03/2009

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